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Fujibio Male Fertility Test Kit

Fujibio Male Fertility Test Kit


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Fujibio Male Fertility Rapid Test Kit is for qualitatively detecting sperm concentration of human semen in vitro and conducting auxiliary clinical diagnosis of the infertility and self-evaluation male fertility of pre-pregnancy.

This product uses the inert glass fiber membrane with high water absorption and the pore size of less than 0.5um to filter the semen. Sperm cells will be trapped on the surface of the first layer of the membrane, and we use the staining fluid that can quickly dye sperm cells. The darker the color of Well A , the higher the sperm count. If the colour of test well A is lighter than the standard colour of reference Well B , that means the count of sperm is less than 20million/ml, and sperm count is low. If the colour of test well A is darker than the standard colour of reference well B , that means the sperm count is greater than 20million/ml and sperm count is normal or high.

See leaflet included in the package for full instructions. Made in Japan.

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Weight40 g
Dimensions14.5 × 4 × 8.5 cm


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