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HIV Home Test Kit : Getting tested at Home for HIV, AIDS.

The Fujibo HIV home test kit is an innovative process on how person who suspects that they might be HIV positive can get tested without their whole identity being divulged., as this is the only reputable home HIV home test kit website with over a perfect efficiency and accuracy. This is also the only HIV test kit with 100% specificity rate meaning to say, you are in the hands of a high quality product that always detect if you are negative 100% without a chance of a failure.

Fujibio HIV 1/2 One Step Device is the most accurate HIV, AIDS testing kit that you can do in the privacy of your own home. It detects the presence of antibodies from all HIV types which are HIV-1 and HIV-2 that are present in the blood with a remarkable 99.9% accuracy. This home HIV, AIDS Testing Kit uses blood as a specimen. Latest research shows that an HIV, AIDS testing kit using blood as a specimen gives a more accurate results than an HIV test using saliva as a specimen. Fujibio HIV 1/2 One Step Device is clinically proven to detect HIV infection as early as 6 weeks post infection. Result is ready in just 10 minutes.

This product contains 1 HIV test kit. Each kit contains:

1 x Sterile HIV 1/2 Test Cassette
1 x Sterile HIV Buffer Solution
1 x Sterile Finger Prick Device
1 x Sterile Pipettor
1 x Alcohol Prep Pad
User Manual.


It is very crucial that you are psychologically ready in taking the test. Our trained team of counselors are ready to accept your calls so you can express more about your fears and concerns in taking an HIV Test. All information that you will provide with our counselors are kept confidential and will never be shared to anyone.


If the HIV home test kit shows a negative result after carefully following our HIV test kit user manual and it has been 3 months since you had a risk incident, you likely do not have HIV.
If the device indicates a positive result, you will have to call our team of counselors so we can provide more information on how to get confirmatory testing using western blot. We will also provide you with information on what to do at this point as well as resources to various HIV support groups near your area. Again Rest assured that calls are strictly confidential.

Note that western blot test requires you to go to an actual hospital. It is performed by medical staffs and you are given 2 choices: either you get your examination to San Lazaro or RITM, then for as for your anonymity concern it is very well at risk because here in our country we do not practice privacy in terms of contactable disease HIV being the most common,. But when you are blessed with big bucks the only other 2 hospitals that possessed remarkable HIV specialty ward is Makati Med and Medical City. be also aware that admitting to this hospitals will definitely be costly, RITM will be far loftier in terms of cost and expertise than Makati Med and Medical City.