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Fujibio HIV Test Kit (1 Kit)

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58 Reviews
(59 customer reviews)

Fujibio HIV 1/2 One Step Device is the most accurate HIV test kit that you can do in the privacy of your own home. It detects the presence of antibodies from all HIV types which are HIV-1 and HIV-2 that are present in the blood with a remarkable 99.9% accuracy. This HIV Test Kit uses blood as a specimen. Latest research shows that an HIV test using blood as a specimen gives a more accurate results than an HIV test using saliva as a specimen. Fujibio HIV 1/2 One Step Device is clinically proven to detect HIV infection as early as 6 weeks post infection. Result is ready in just 10 minutes.

This product contains 1 HIV test kit. Each kit contains:

1 x Sterile HIV 1/2 Test Cassette
1 x Sterile HIV Buffer Solution
1 x Sterile Finger Prick Device
1 x Sterile Pipettor
1 x Alcohol Prep Pad
User Manual.


It is very important that you are psychologically ready in taking the test. Our trained team of counselors are ready to accept your calls so you can express more about your fears and concerns in taking an HIV Test. All information that you will provide with our counselors are kept confidential and will never be shared to anyone.


If the device shows a negative result after carefully following our HIV test kit user manual and it has been 3 months since you had a risk incident, you likely do not have HIV.

If the device shows a positive result, You will have to call our team of counselors so we can provide more information on how to get confirmatory testing using western blot. We will also provide you with information on what to do at this point as well as resources to various HIV support groups near your area. Rest assured that calls are strictly confidential.

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions14.5 × 1 × 8.5 cm

59 reviews for Fujibio HIV Test Kit (1 Kit)

  1. Dani

    Was thinking to buy from lazada or shopee pero buti na lang nakita ko ito. Mas sigurado ako na accurate ang result and ang bilis pa ng shipping. Tapos ang anxiety 😅 thanks so much po seller!

  2. Lana

    I tested negative Thank God! This is my lesson to be more careful. My test arrived quickly and it was sealed naman but i couldn’t find the pipetor and separate yung finger prick device sa needle tho the needle was also sealed so i just pricked myself manually and thankfully valid naman yung test because may 1 line na nag appear sa c. I suggest you test yourself and do not rely on symptoms alone kasi nakaka anxiety siya. Happy i was able to do it privately. To whoever’s reading this, hoping you receive a negative result and that you have a strong support system!

  3. Robs

    Hi tested negative after the 90th day window period but still scared of symptoms related to hiv. Is it really negative? Huhu.

  4. jemgenave

    I just ordered couple of days ago, the transaction is fast and discreet! I just had some doubts in my mind and this test kit helps me, I’M NEGATIVE!! wag po kayong matakot magpa-test, I really recommend this store! Thank you so much Hiv Test Kit Ph <3

  5. Jey eL

    I already recieve my order and I pray before using it. To be honest, napaparanoid ako this past few months because I expirienced a lot of symptoms kaya 2 days ago, i decided to buy this kit. And after 2 days I got it. And im so happy na Negative ang result ❤ thank you!

  6. SecretReviewer

    happy na may hiv test kit, it really protects my privacy talaga. tested negative. salamat!

  7. Sinji

    Natatakot ako may mga sintomas ako

  8. nat

    Thank you lord for Negative result…. Sobrang makakahinga na ko ng maayos……. Kasi may 1 sign kasi na possible na positive ako…. Ngayon pwede nako pumunta sa doctor para ipacheck bakit may ganun ako…

    Thank you po sa inyo nakapagtest ako in private..

  9. S

    Easy to use. Fast results. Make sure to press the finger prick device firmly on the finger to draw enough blood. It can only be used once.

  10. Ashley

    Good am po , first time ko po kasi dito.. ask ko lang po sana if pwde ba mag pa text kahit one week palang ang nakalipas after ng sex? Salamat po..

  11. Old soul

    I got exposed 7 years ago but no signs at all aside from getting cold sores once or twice a year pero palaging tuwing may flu lang ako at never na hindi gumaling kagad. Paranoid lang siguro ako kasi 7 years ago medyo nagrebelde ako and I had unprotected sex with a boy at puro girls na ang mga sumunod pero hindi naman palagi. Gusto ko lang magpatest para masigurado ko sa sarili ko na healthy ako. Nakakaparanoid lang minsan lalo na kapag napapanood mo sa TV yung stigma. Nagbasa basa naman ako kaya if ever na mag positive ako I know I can live with it. Kung negative naman mas magiging careful ako lalo. Mahirap na diba.

  12. NathanC

    nag positive po ako.

    sched na po ako for counseling, nag papasalamat ako sa HIV test nyo kasi nalaman ko positive ako miski sa bahay lang, mas nagkaroon ako ng tapang na mag test. Siguro kung wala to hindi ko nalaman at hindi ako nakapag pa test. Salamat parin po.

  13. bilustre0402

    I was afraid at first kasi ung asawa ko may nagamit na may tulo so i was being paranoid kung baka may hiv yun watever so nagisip ako how i can get tested at cya to ease my worries ayaw nya magpatest sa testing center kasi nahihiya or natatakot until i search about this kit so i decided to order 2 kits for both of us then my worries stop ng makita ko result negative thanks god.ask ko lang po last exposure nya dun sa girl is feb then we get tested today aug. So negative result is acccurate right? Thank you and waiting for the answer.

  14. carlaleutemar

    Thank you Lord for a negative result. Promise to be more careful. ♥

  15. carlaleutemar

    Thnak you Lord for a negative result. Promise to be more careful. ♥

  16. Ian

    Can someone have HIV even if the partner don’t have HIV?? But you felt some of the symptoms??? Please answer me. I’m very alarmed right now. Please.

  17. Rick

    Got tested again just to be sure, 5 months after possible exposure and thank God, Mama Mary, Saint Francis and Divina Pastora I tested negative and its conclusive. Thank you for giving people the option of knowing our status discreetly. Hope you help a lot more people. Godbless your team

  18. Mad

    I had a protected sex and unprotected oral with an HIV+ person. I did test using Fujibio kits 3x, one as baseline testing (negative), second during the 3rd month mark, though I even waiting for another month making it 4 months to be super sure and again came back negative. And lastly after 7 months, the result is still negative. Though I’m still having thoughts that “what if it’s false negatives” and “should I retest for western blot at the hospital?” But I chose to free myself from those worries since the tests were done outside the window period, the results are conclusive enough.

  19. Rick

    I am thankful for this home testing kit for giving me my peace again. Got tested at loveyourself and I tested negative, the counselor told me that I should be tested again on January just to be safe but I thought I could not put my self in such pressing situation, learned about this product so I ordered and thank God, Mama Mary, Saint Francis of Assis and Blessed Divina Pastora I tested negative again I vowed that I will be faithful and would not put not just my self but my partner and family in such risk. All my love and support goes to all of you guys here. Again thank you so much.

  20. henry

    i ordered this kit and got the item really fast!.. i was so paranoid kz i have signs and symptoms of HIV appearing after 1 year of that un protected sex that i had,, thanks GOD at i had a NEGATIVE result.. now i will be more faithful and loving to my wife.. makakatulog na ako ng maayos sa wakas..

  21. zel_jei

    how to order po ng hiv test kit? please po help me.. thank you po..

  22. Jess

    hi? I just wanna know if I buy the product and test myself, would it be show the result since I had unsafe sex last October 24 ?

  23. RMRN

    Just had my test earlier and I am ery happy to know that I am safe since I work in the hospital and 6 months ago I got pricked while suturing a perineal laceration. This time I will be more prudent! This kit is such a big help!

  24. Dan

    I’m beginning to be paranoid because i had unprotected sex with my friend’s cousin. Then after we did it. I asked her if how many partners did she slept with. She said not more than 15. Pag kasabi nya parang bumagal oras ko. I will buy the kit and hopefully negative result. If i will be very lucky to be negative. Hindi na ako mkikipag sex sa hndi ko kilala talaga.

  25. Mary

    Got the kit few days after ordering it. Im a health professional, thus the paranoia about everything. I have been stressing over it as i can get careless sometimes… my american boyfriend showed me his routine blood tests and in there, hiv test is a part of it. His is negative and since we’re planning to get married already, i wanted to give myself some assurance that things will be ok for my medical. thanks to this kit, i now have my peace again.

  26. yanizes_17m

    It was so nice to test yourself at home by this kind of test kit privately, I was so careless 5 months ago putting my life at high risk for possible infection, the worst part is after the incident few weeks later some symptoms showed and I was so scared and alarmed. But fortunately after the test it was negative. I am so thankful to god given me the chance to live normal again. Thank you so much for this kind of kit. More power…!

  27. anak ng Diyos

    Ordered oct 14 and got the item oct 17. Tried this just to feel relieved kasi nakakapraning. Meron akong nakarelasyo na pinoy at chick boy, nabulag ako sa love ko sa kanya at narealized ko na lang ng maghiwalay na kmi na baka nman may milagro syang mga ginawa nung kmi pa at isa pa nsa medical field din so nakakapraning at natakot ako sa exposure ksi may mga nahawakan na ko na aids/hiv (+) although d naman ako nagkaroonng incident na naprick ko sarili ko gamit ng mga used injections sa pt. Plano ko din kasi migrate sa ibang bansa kya importante na malaman ko na ok ako. After ko malaman na ok ako dahil dito sobrang narelieved ako. Pinangako ko sa sarili ko na magiging wise na ko. At lahat ng decisions ko sa buhay lagi kong isasama ang Panginoon. Salamat po Panginoon di ko sasayangin itong second chance ko.

  28. cassie88

    accurate yung kit, dito ko nalaman na positive ako. napaka supportive ng team nila dahil na refer ako at na confirmatory and all is well! 1 month na akong naka ARV and I consider my life as a blessing.

    mag test po tayo at wag matakot, once na mag take kasi ng gamot magiging undetectable na po yung virus parang wala nalang po ang HIV. ang mahirap yung too late na bago ka mag test yung sirang sira na mga internal organs mo.

    Supportive team and sana marami pa kayong matulungan.

  29. Ed*****

    Thanks much be to God. I have just tested my recently using this Device and I am negative.. Thank you FUJIBIO, my feeling of fear gone.
    Now I can sleep well..

  30. Benny Salvador

    Vouching the accuracy of this kit,

    i tested positive using a clinic test. I had my confirmatory sa RITM around June 26.

    While waiting for the result, which usually takes 5 days, nag test ako using fujibio kit and I tested negative. I was shocked and was hoping that the confirmatory will came back negative,

    June 28 I received a text from RITM informing me that I need not go to RITM because the test came back negative and that I am 100% negative.

    I was so happy! Fujibio is very reliable and reflects the correct result.

  31. Nel

    I got my second testing kit from this site and the result was negative. It was such a relief for me from this nightmare. Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order.

    For those testing using this kit, do not read the result after 20minutes or you’ll go back to all the what ifs of you having infected by hiv. The result should be read maximum of 20minutes after the buffer was combined.

  32. Ja

    Sir will it matter kung nagamit ko ung kit at ang room temperature ay nasa 33 degrees celcius? Hindi po ba makakaapekto yun sa result ng test? Single line lang po sa C area ung visible… magreply po sana kayo. Salmat.

  33. tt234073

    Na receive ko yung item after 2 days from purchase through LBC, and was very nervous while opening the packaging and thinking what will be the result, and thanks GOD I’m Negative from HIV.

    I’m thanking GOD for releasing this nightmare from me, everytime na naiisip ko ung HIV, sobra akong naiistress.

    thanks also for this site na naging way para makapag test ako privately, at nalaman ko agad kong ano ang result.

  34. Reviewer8892

    On the product itself:
    I underwent a separate HIV test with a reliable laboratory three days ago and they gave me the results in under 24 hours. Fujibio’s HIV test kit echoes the result I obtained from the laboratory.

    On the user manual:
    It is quite wordy. Would be useful to add graphics per step. I went to YouTube to watch how it’s done (I used my blood).

    On the customer service:
    The guy who handled my emails was quick to respond to my queries. Also, I got the product in three days although I live outside Metro Manila. It was delivered to me via LBC and there was no trace that the package is from Fujibio and that an HIV test kit is inside.

    I am giving this product 4 stars in hopes that Fujibio will improve their user manual.

    It has been two months after my “incident.” I got a negative result from Fujibio but I will likely use the product again next month. According to Fujibio:
    “If the device shows a negative result after carefully following our HIV test kit user manual and it has been 3 months since you had a risk incident, you likely do not have HIV.”

  35. Cas

    I am very anxious and paranoid this past weeks. No good sleeps either. Cant focus on works. Pimples on neck, dizziness and one “singaw”, made me so alarmed thats why i tested myself. In God’s grace only single line had showed in the kit. This time, i will change. Those nights with worries are nightmares. Thanks God for another chance. Thanks Jesus for saving me. Thanks Our Lady of Manaoag for keeping me safe.

  36. Rodel

    Im done with the test. Thank you Lord for giving me a chance to live a normal life again. After knowing that the girl i met in a night spot died a mysterious death i wasnt able to sleep well and work well. After testing, i felt relief. Thank you Fujibio. Thank you Lord another chance.


  37. Curzelcroz

    Done the test. Effective and accurate.
    Negative ang result ng test ko 🙂 makakatulog na din ako ng maayus. hihi

  38. Robert James

    Thank you very much HIV test kit! I’m not worried no more. Thank God I’m HIV negative! Big thanks and more power!

  39. eadn

    Just wanna ask, during hiv test using fujibio i did not see any trace that is positive … when i looked again after 6 hours a faint line was present …, on that am i positive i have a hiv?

  40. rad

    pwede mag pa test within two weeks sa possible infection?? at dku ma contact available smart nnumber nyo.

  41. argie

    I got tested just right now and I am negative. I can now live a normal life without worrying. Fast delivery. Accurate product. Thank you so much.

  42. hivtest kit

    you cant buy HIV test kits from drugstore you need to have a consistent customer contact when testing. Counseling is a must that is why its not for sale just anywhere.

  43. John M.

    Thank you for this. Now I know that I’m negative to HIV, I can go back to normal without worrying about my HIV status. Try this kit and of course, don’t forget to pray and have faith to God. God bless everyone!

  44. daimetophelia

    after waiting for more than three months after having a risk infection, im really happy to know that im free from hiv. this really helped me a lot to be aware of my health status. this past few weeks, i had restless nights, anxious and can’t perform my duties well. even my job is affected. but knowing that im negative from infection, my perspective in life changed, ive learned the essence of loving yourself. ill surely recommend this to my friends who have doubts regarding their health status. i really thank God for giving me a second chance to live a normal life without any fears and to this kit for making me aware of my hiv status

  45. justin89

    it says that im negative. and seeing the result after a few minutes i can breathe normal now. very helpful kit for me, for us who wants to be aware specially nowadays with an increasing number of hiv cases.

  46. jzzrage08

    a super helpful kit for a person like me. im so afraid and have a doubt to go in a hospital for a HIV test, but when i read the reviews and ask some of my friends, this kit could help me to relieve from being paranoid. i did the test all by my self and clear my mind that im HIV negative. so happy with the result that makes me comfortable now.

  47. mike

    because of the hiv test kit i can breathe normally now. i test my self all by my self inside my room. im quiet nervous for the result after a few minutes i seen immediately the line (1 line) and wait for another minute to make assurance and it gives only 1 line. it means im negative from the virus. im so afraid going to a clinic for a test because i dont want to publish my identity. good thing that there’s a test kit which can help people like me who wants to have the HIV test in private.,

  48. yumie52

    so happy to know my HIV status through this kit. it really helps me to relieve from uncomfortable feeling. i can sleep now without any thoughts of fear on my mind regarding HIV.

  49. lucky1988

    nice, i never thought i will see the result rapidly. i dont need to go in any hospital or clinic for a test.

  50. smart

    I am happy I am NEGATIVE from the virus.
    I must be careful next time.
    This kit helped me a lot.

  51. christine imbag

    i just have my on going research regarding HIV cases and what test is more convenient. i bought numbers of test kit and distribute it to my respondents for those who have test in hospital. the respondents told me its more convenient to have a test on your own so that you will be more aware. results from the kit and hospital is all same. thanks hiv test kit i can finish my study as soon as possible.

  52. marky sto domingo

    just worried when i have unprotected sex with others. and because of that im afraid if i will get HIV from that person and if ever i will have maybe i can transmit it with my partner. to answer all my questions and stop thinking i just bought the HIV kit to this site and tried it in my room. thanks God im negative. without this i will not become comfortable and still im paranoid.

  53. larry mendez

    just tested the kit this morning and im happy with the result. thank you for having this kind of test kit. you help me to breathe after i saw the result.

  54. Kleana Tomsiano

    Many of us are here for privacy purposes. I can clearly say that this kit help me! to keep my identity safe!

  55. adamsilv

    The privacy is so important to me! that is why i decided to order this product

  56. Vallethia

    The best way to get tested without exposing your identity! this is option whenever i want to get tested

  57. Vendeiel

    after following the manual carefully! i did all the process and woah! it really is the fastest 10 minutes of all of it! it was negative! and i would like to commend that the major advantage of this is that it kept y whole identity safe in the process

  58. Hojo1222

    I was terrified when hiv symptoms slowly showed and i was very much in a state of panic then i did my research and ddiffrent help groups reccomend to buy from this! and i can say that the counselors truly help me cope with what iam experiencing today

  59. Erick C24

    Just had my test earlier. Thank you so much and especially to my counselor it is so relieving to found out that I am safe. I promise I will not go through this kind of messy situation anymore.

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